Thursday, April 11, 2013

Rush Me by Alison Parr

I was pleasantly surprised by this book! I did look at a lot of reviews (just the ratings. I didn't read all of them) and I really was preparing to not like it that well. In some ways, I think that helped me with this one. I didn't have really high expectations and I really enjoyed it! I think that that sounds bad...but what I mean is that most books people build up sooooooo much I tend to be really disappointed with. With this one I hadn't heard a lot about it..just saw a lot of 3 star ratings.

Rachael is one of those leading ladies that will drive some people nuts, but I loved her. I was always waiting to see what she would say next. She was really harsh with Ryan sometimes, but honestly, he was harsh with her too. I loved that she defended herself, but would always have that moment afterwards where she would wish she hadn't. It felt normal and realistic to me, because I am so like this! Constantly smacking my forehead later for the things I let slide off my tongue.

I felt like the book was paced really well too. It moved pretty fast which was nice. Some books drag on and on and on and this really wasn't like that. It was a short, easy read (a wee bit predictable) but fun and had nice closure.

I do wish there would be more books. Like spin off ones with the other players and people in their little group. Some of the characters we only got snippets of and I feel like I would like to read more about them!

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