Thursday, April 25, 2013

Gameboard of the Gods by Richelle Mead

I seriously was sooo excited when I was approved for this book from NetGalley. I love love love love Richelle Mead. She is one of my all time favorite authors. Everything she does is awesome and has a way of taking me to a whole new place and getting totally lost. When I start a book of hers I always wish I had 12 more to go with it just to lose a week in her world/s.

This book was no exception. It was a totally brand new and unique idea and I loved it. So many books are kind of the same plot, just with minor tweaks. This is so not. It totally a creative and original work and I love Richelle for that!!! She never fails me!

The story takes place in a futuristic society where everything can be explained and controlled...or so they thought. Unknown powers and forces are in the background doing things trying to take back over the world they once owned. They are not wanting to be in the background any longer.

At first I confess I was a bit confused. There were backstories to our two main characters, Justin and Mae, that weren't fully explained until about half way through. Things were hinted at and we were given little snippets here and there, but their main stories were kind of vague up until one point and then everything is finally laid out on the table. When that finally happened I totally sighed in grateful to finally "get it" so to speak. Up until that point I spent a lot of time trying to piece everything together and get it to make sense.

The story switched between three different point of views. We have Justin and Mae who are working closely together. Mae is Justin's body guard while he is off solving cases and studying religious/ super natural groups. Then we have Tessa who is just a teenager and has been brought to the RUNA. She is still young and I am really excited to see her character develop more over the series. I feel like she's going to have a big part to play in the story as a whole...but I am not quite sure what it is yet. It is done in a way that isn't confusing which I so appreciate. It is great getting to see different things from different perspectives. It gives so much more depth to all the characters instead of just one.

I have read every single series by Richelle and knew I wouldn't be disappointed by this one. My only complaint is that it did start a wee bit slow...but I think it is interesting still. Like I said earlier, it just took me a bit to get that "aha!" moment. Oh and also....I am really annoyed that I have to wait so long for the next ones *sigh* It's like waiting between her Bloodlines series *sob* I need more of these characters and fast!

Don't go in to this book thinking you know what it is. It's totally different from everything else I have read. It's dystopian, paranormal, and sci-fi with some romance thrown in as well. 4 big stars from me!

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