Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Shimmer of Angels by Lisa M. Basso

I quite enjoyed this one. Partially because I was ready for a bit of a change of pace from the books I had been reading lately. 

People tend to say books like these are unoriginal. There's a love triangle, good angels and bad angels etc etc. I think that in this genre what else do you expect? I do think Lisa M. Basso does a good job of approaching the story from a different perspective. It is a new take on this kind of a story IMO. 

Rayna doesn't want to see angels AT ALL. She's been told they aren't real and she's crazy so she tries her best to avoid them completely, but that is easier said than done. Of course she ends up in a war she knew nothing about and does her best to get through it.

This is an easy, simple read (which is what I was needing so I liked that). The only major flaw for me is that the characters (other than Rayna) don't have any depth to them so I honestly had zero opinions about them. I felt like there were supposed to be moments where we felt a romantic connection and I just didn't get them for some reason.

Would definitely recommend this to someone who likes this genre and looking for something lighter. I will be reading the next ones in the series.

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