Monday, April 8, 2013

Love Unrehearsed by Tina Reber


 I liked this one. I know sometimes my star rating are way off from everyone else's. I guess I am a bit star stingy though I don't mean to be.

This was a good, entertaining read. It just didn't WOW me. I felt like there was a ton of filler. In the first book there are sex scenes...but they felt really romantic and special. In this one I felt like there were twice as many sex scenes and that they were made more graphic and things just to fill pages. It wasn't necessary. I already loved the relationship between Ryan and Taryn. It was almost as if there just wasn't much else going on so they have sex 3 times a day instead.

It was just a bit anti climactic for me. Every once in a while there was a little bump and then it would get resolved immediately and then another little bump. There were just lots of little things here and there. There is one thing that comes up with Taryn, but even though that was alluded to in such a suspenseful way in the prologue it wasn't developed in a suspenseful way so it felt odd.

"Dreams really do come true if you point yourself in their direction."
Taryn Mitchell- Tina Reber, Love Unrehearsed
I did enjoy this though. I liked seeing the "conclusion" of their relationship and their happy ending. I was rooting for them the whole time and it ends wrapped up very nicely. I would definitely recommend this series to others, but like so many other series...the first book is the best!

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