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Such a waste of my time. More than likely didn't finish..or wish I didn't.

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 It was ok..but that's about it. I kept going with it, but wish I hadn't spent my time with it when there are so many other awesome books to read!

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Like it...but there was something missing for me whether it's the characters not being realistic, plot not being cohesive throughout..something.

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Really liked it. Glad I read it..but still some small thing keeping me from giving it 4 stars. Usually it doesn't have quite enough depth or the ending ruined it for me.

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Loved it and would recommend, but not quite perfect.

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So so close to being an all time favorite of mine. Sometimes it's something I can't even pin point..but just small thing keeping it from being super fab. Would totally recommend.

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 love love loved! It was perfect for me...from the characters to the depth to the writing..everything about it I really loved. Usually a book that I cannot put down..that makes me feel and that makes me hope.  

**Compared to most, I am a bit star stingy and not sure why. I think sometimes my expectations get too high or my really conservative upbringing kicks in and makes me hesitate to give a book just a little bit more of my love. I love to read and read so many different genres but it is hard when it's been programmed in to you that certain things are bad or wrong. I'm working on it though ;) I also have been trying not read too many reviews before starting a book. I will look at star ratings but that's about it until I am finished. It helps me to not get my hopes up too high...or too low. It's easier for me to go in to a book in the dark sometimes and ready to give it my own unbiased review.**

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