Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Eternity Cure by Julie Kagawa

This is another book that I have been sitting here stewing about for a few weeks since I read it. I just find it so hard to put into words what I am feeling about it! You can find my rambly review of book one RIGHT HERE.

This book was sooooo crazy. Julie Kagawa has this perfect way of writing where things are gritty and intense and you start see the light and the end of the tunnel "Everything's going to be ok!!" and then all of a sudden in the last chapter the light goes out and you are left sitting there feeling empty and sad and like you have been hit by a train or some other really powerful force. It's intense!! I don't quite know what to make of it either. Did I enjoy that book? Did that really all just happen?! Do I really have to wait for freakin' ever for the next book?! gah!!

This is my first series of Julie's and I wish.....so wish I had read them when they were all out. Then I might be able to give it 5 stars, but the questions and the things left in the air drive me nuts!!! In a way this series reminds me of my favorite YA series of all time by Patrick Ness, Chaos Walking. It just has the same dark undercurrent that leaves you breathless the whole way through. That's really the only book series I have been able to compare this to in my mind.

Like the last book, this book really does take you to another world and you get lost in it. I can clearly picture everything in my mind and watch it all play out and I love that so much!!! I was much happier with the amount of time we got with Kanin too. I so love him as a character and was sad we only got a snippet of him in the first installment. He just has so many layers to him and I feel like he has a lot to tell.

All in all I do love this series. It has the possibility of being one of my favorites, but I need all the books to be out before I can actually say that it is for certain. So...in a year I'll let you know! ;)

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